Contribution to Rural Development

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Our activities are oriented to generate green employment for green economy, and it allows us to put in practice a sustainable rural development model, which is a real alternative for our natural environment. Making a responsible use of natural resources is one of the best ways for fighting the economic crisis and the lose of importance of some values such as solidarity with the most disadvantaged people (most often, rural land people)

Activities carried out are sustainable activities from an environmental point of view, and facilitate the personal enrichment of our customers through learning and awareness, providing a good knowledge of our natural heritage and respectable attitudes towards it.

The contribution of a society that is wiser, respectful and aware about the natural environment, whose members can asses properly the real value of our natural resources and the importance of its preservation for the forthcoming generations will be a key issue to guarantee the conditions for sustainable rural development.

In addition, our activities create employment directly and indirectly within rural areas and it definitely helps to the settlement of population. These areas have usually suffered a constant lose of young population for years and years, with the subsequent ageing of the resident people.


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